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This sector comprises programs/projects dealing with agriculture and fisheries and agrarian reform, natural resources and environmental conservation and management, industry, trade, tourism, science and technology.


    To be the major industrial growth center in mining & agri-fishery and the leading tourist destination of CARAGA.


  1. To create an environment conducive to investments, especially in the areas of agri-fishery, tourism & mineral processing.
  2. To enhance maximum productivity & utilization of potential and idle agricultural lands to attain self-sufficiency and increase income of marginal farmers.
  3. To increase share of employment in the industry and service sector.
  4. To rehabilitate/protect denuded/degraded areas and environmentally constrained areas.  


  1. Promotion of small and medium industries utilizing indigenous raw materials for production of export oriented products.
  2. Investment promotion efforts to focus on Socialized Housing, Manufacturing industries utilizing indigenous raw materials (e.g. gold jewelry making, gemstone processing, nickel and ferro-alloy processing, ceramics etc.), Eco-tourism related projects, Agro-industrial projects High value agricultural projects and Aqua-culture.
  3. Provision of incentives to attract private sector investments on priority projects. Tax incentives, provision of industrial sites for locator industries, business licensing facilitation and other form of investment assistance will be extended to potential investors.
  4. Improved/established credit facilities thru cooperative and construction of infrastructure support and post harvest facilities/services and maximize extension service.
  5. Encouragement & adaptation of multiple cropping system thru plantation of high valued crops & establishment of demo farms & nurseries as source of planting materials for dispersal to farmers cooperators.
  6. Establishment of credit facilities to livestock producers & expansion of dispersal, breeding & animal protection services & the establishment of stock farm as source of dispersal animals.
  7. Provide support services program for identified agrarian reform beneficiaries.
  8. Ensure community involvement in the rehabilitation protection preservation & sustainable utilization of natural resources such as forest, crop lands and marine ecosystems.
  9. Massive technology transfer & upgrading of Research and Development (R&D) capability through the establishment of R and D priorities.

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