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Infrastructure of the Province


All the 27 municipalities of the province have a municipal telephone that facilitates calls between the towns and Surigao City. The province is also serviced with 3 AM radio stations, 2 FM radio stations, 4 telegram stations, 4 telephone stations, 12 citizen's band radios, 12 telex stations and 32 postal/subpostal stations.

There are four (4) private telephone stations in the province which cater to domestic and foreign long distance calls. However, these telephone utilities, the PLDT, PT&T, RCPI and Cruz Telephone are not sufficient to meet the demands of the customers. A modernized microwave radio digital system is needed. The government has also a telecommunication system capable of transmitting messages nationwide and long distance calls to the 25 municipalities. Cell sites also available in the province owned and run by the Smart Telecommunication and Globe Company.

The provincial post office located in Surigao City can accommodate domestic and international mails. All the 27 municipalities have post offices with the municipality of Dapa having its own post office building.

Telecommunication offices were established in all municipalities of the province, to keep with the government's municipal telephone program of establishing a nation-wide network of public calling stations


Communication Facilities

Cruz Telephone Company
Capital Road, Surigao City

Phil. Long Distance Telephone Co.
Luneta Arcade, Rizal St., Surigao City

PT & T
Borromeo St., Surigao City

Borromeo St., Surigao City

SMART Telecommunications
Rizal Street, Surigao City

GLOBE Telecommunications
Borromeo St., Surigao City

Bureau of Telecommunications
IMCA Complex, Kaskag Village, Surigao City

Magallanes St., Surigao City

Capitol Road, Surigao City

Km. 1, Rizal Street, Surigao City

SJTIT Compd., Borromeo Street, Surigao City

SJTIT Compd., Borromeo Street, Surigao City

Surigao Cable Television, Inc.
GrandStand Rizal St., Surigao Cit




Surigao Star
Capital Road, Surigao City

Surigao Today
Borja St., Surigao City

Surigao Weekly Monitor
Amat St., Surigao City

Surigao Weekly Monitor
Amat St., Surigao City



Courier Service

Aboitiz Express
Narciso Street, Surigao City

Bureau of Posts
Kaskag Village, Surigao City

JRS Corporation
Rizal Street, Surigao City

LBC Air Cargo
Corner Gozales & Rizal Street, Surigao City

Haribon Express
RCPI Office, Borromeo Street, Surigao City

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