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    Surigao del Norte lies strategically at the Northeastern tip of Mindanao. It is linked to Eastern Visayas and Luzon through a ferry service in Lipata, Surigao City.

    The province is endowed with abundant natural resources. One of the major resources are the metallic and non-metallic deposits to include nickeliferous laterite ore with 292,010,409 metric tons, and gold registers 100,500,000 metric tons. Others are chromite-777,585 metric tons, guano-25,500 metric tons, sand and gravel-18,000 metric tons, rock phosphate-10,400 metric tons, limestone 228,645,650 metric tons and siliceous sand - 148,019,317 metric tons.

    Considered as an excellent fishing area, its seawaters covering 12,540 square miles are abundant with different species of fish. It is along the tuna route.

    It has fertile agricultural land measuring 152,035 hectares and producing annually 30,327 metric tons of rice 102,503 metric tons of coconut, 72,076 metric tons for other crops. Records livestock population included 72,322 hogs, 24,036 carabaos/cattle, 5,342 goats, and 406,867 chickens.

    It has beautiful spots such as beaches, caves, lakes, lagoons, waterfalls, hot springs, rock formations, etc. Because of these potentials, the province has been identified as one of the 20 priority tourism destinations in the country.


    This preferred strategy considers the productive utilization of inherent resources in three distinct strategic areas of the province. It will also focus on sustainable utilization and exploitation of mineral, agri-fishery and tourism in the Mainland and Dinagat Island and agri-fishery and eco-tourism development in Siargao Island. This strategy will ensure the appropriate combination of development approaches that are considered advantageous and sustainable in particular geographic setting and will subsequently redound to the over-all economic upliftment of the province.

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