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Infrastructure of the Province

As of School Year 1999-2000, there are 1,088 schools in the province. About 33% of these are found in mainland Surigao. In contrast, Siargao Island has 26% and Dinagat Island,  23.62%. Schools are mostly government-owned (97%) dominating over privately owned (3%).

 The province has 3 schools divisions which include Surigao del Norte, Siargao and City Division. The Surigao del Norte Division has a total of 18 districts of which 7 school districts are situated in Dinagat Island and 11 school districts are found in the mainland. It has a total of 228 public primary and elementary schools, 43 public  and 8 private secondary schools.

        The Siargao Division on the other hand has 9 school districts with 132 primary and  elementary schools, 18 national or public secondary schools and 2 private secondary schools. Furthermore, the Surigao City Division has 4 districts with 63 public elementary schools, 10 private elementary schools, 12 public secondary schools and 6 private secondary schools.

        However, the province still needs additional classrooms, school buildings and teachers to meet the ever increasing number of students in elementary and secondary levels. Much more, the number of textbooks, school equipment and facilities per students is insufficient for them to achieve quality education. Some of the classrooms,, school buildings, textbooks already need replacement.  

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