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Republic ot the Philippines
Province of Surigao del Norte
Surigao City







Dear WEB users:

I would like to extend a very warm welcome to all those who visit our homepage.

By a simple touch of your fingertips on the computer you will know all information on Surigao del Norte, the Surfing Capital of the PHILIPPINES.

Surigao del Norte today is determined to face the challenges ahead. We are now experiencing the gradual transformation of our resource-rich province towards a more progressive one.

Through our vision, we firmly commit ourselves to pursue total human development, adequate infrastructure support and maintenance of peace and order. More importantly, we want to equate sustainable development with social justice to create a conductive business environment. Through this, we are making a resolute stand to establish a legacy of a truly great province.

Thanks to modern technology SURIGAO DEL NORTE is now linked worldwide.










Provincial Governor

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