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This sector includes Health, Nutrition and Population Management, Education and manpower development, Social Welfare and community Development and Socialized Housing.


    To improve the quality of life of the people with the delivery of basic social services, upgrading of educational system & improvement in the health & nutritional status of the populace.


  1. Improvement in the delivery of basic social services through provision of employment opportunities & promotion of managerial, technical and entrepreneurial capability of local leaders & their constituents.
  2. Upgrading of educational/skills training aimed at meeting industrial demands, provision of socialized housing facilities & improved delivery of basic health services.


  1. Improvement of barangay health centers in remote and island barangays with the provision of adequate health personnel and medical services.
  2. Provision of modern health facilities & buildings
  3. Strengthening of Expanded Program on Immunization, Primary Child Health Care Services, Control of Communicable Diseases, Environmental Sanitation & Nutrition Program.
  4. Provision of social welfare service/programs (day care centers, core shelter, financial assistance to needy beneficiaries).
  5. Increase opportunities & access to housing by the lower income households.
  6. Encourage active participation of NGO's & PO's as a means for affecting real people empowerment.
  7. Enhance the capability of LGU manpower through institutional & value formation trainings & seminars of officials & employees.
  8. Enhance participation of educational institutions in manpower planning.

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