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This includes transportation (roads and bridges, seaports, airports), public works (school buildings, national and local buildings, health and sanitaria) water resources development (irrigation, river flood control/drainage system, water supply, shore protection), power and electrification (power generation, power transmission, rural electrification) and communications.


    Provision of enough infrastructure support and ensure the delivery of basic services.


  1. To concrete/rehabilitate major road network and farm to market roads.
  2. To improve the accessibility within sustainable land and development opportunity areas.
  3. To improve/install efficient communication facilities and water supply system.
  4. To develop/construct tourism facilities in tourism potential areas and power facilities especially in Dinagat Island.
  5. Upgrade the tertiary educational facilities, hospitals and health facilities.
  6. To construct/improve remaining potential irrigation areas.


  1. The water districts of the province and city will be expanded and improved with the assistance of the national government to meet the projected increase in the demand of potable water in 2002. Ground water development shall also be enhanced to augment surface water.
  2. Development plans for electricity including other alternative sources of power and interconnection program and submarine cable connection in Dinagat Island will be formulated and implemented to facilitate the islands electrification program. Immediate implementation of small island grid is needed to energize the island barangays.
  3. The local government units shall modernize the telecommunication network to provide for a larger coverage with direst distance dialing capabilities for domestic and international calls by offering private firms to operate with incentives in a healthy business environment.
  4. The facilities and equipment of Surigao Districts Hospitals shall be improved including its manpower capabilities. The provincial government shall ensure the smooth flow of funds for hospitals within the province to avoid slacks and delays in the delivery of its services.
  5. The laws relative to solid and liquid waste disposal shall be strictly enforced. Deterioration of solid and liquid waste problem shall be alleviated without imposing heavy burden on the environment by educating the public on proper waste disposal.
  6. Forestry and mining codes shall be enforced unconditionally to protect the forest and watershed areas. Irrigation and flood control projects will be adequately provided with emphasis on the rural areas. Old and unoperational irrigation system shall be rehabilitated for a more distribution.
  7. A tourism zoning policy shall be formulated to support the preservation of identified areas for tourism development. An integrated tourism development approach in the identified beauty spots and proposed projects adopted.
  8. An area development approached shall be promoted to fastrack construction of major roads and farm to market roads.

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