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This involves planning, programming and budgeting systems, development administration/devolution, capability building, development and security, development communication and advocacy. This sector will interrelate the other three (3) sectors.


  1. To attain a sustainable high level of employment and income as a means of poverty alleviation and human welfare improvement.
  2. To promote values which are supportive to population programs in order to provide better quality of life and welfare to the people.
  3. To come-up with the development plans in order to optimize the use of resources consistent with the vision and development framework of the province.
  4. To create equal opportunities for men and women as active participants in development.
  5. To expand/improve the outreach and information education and communication programs that cater to the basic information & educational needs of the people


  1. Improvement in the enforcement of labor standard and laws;
  2. Development and promotion of indigenous materials for world competitiveness;
  3. Provision of investment opportunity thru BOT-BT scheme;
  4. Integration of population-focused endeavors within the context of gender-conscious development and people empowerment;
  5. Promotion of labor-intensive and home-based livelihood programs with supportive skills training;
  6. Strengthening/enforcement of tax collection to finance local initiative projects and established financial access among the local government unit;
  7. Continue professionalization of the civil premise thru trainings on value reorientation for all government servants and other forms of personnel development;
  8. Improvement of community information centers and upgrade the communication facilities and information technology.

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