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Infrastructure of the Province


 The province's power supply comes from the National Power Corporation (NPC) which is distributed locally by three electric cooperatives, namely: SURNECO in the mainland, DIELCO in Dinagat Island and SIARELCO in Siargao and Bucas Grande Islands. The 1999 monthly power consumption had reached to 3,861,772 (or an increase of 1.69% from 1997) from its 45,633 residential, commercial and industrial consumers. The average residential consumption  per month was 2,020,939 kwh, 906,685 kwh per month for commercial and 195,000 kwh per month for industrial. During 1997 to 1998, the number of consumers and barangays served by electricity had increased by 2.35% and 3.39% respectively. A total of 305 barangays involving 49,184 households are benefiting power services from the three electric cooperatives. Some barangays unserved by NPC are being lighted by private generating sets.
Kilowatt demand from the three cooperatives totalled to 13,280 kilowatts. SURNECO has the highest demand of about 96.5% of the total. DIELCO is being operated by only 2 generating sets while SURNECO and SIARELCO are dependent from NPC distribution lines.

Power rate in the mainland (SURNECO) is cheaper compared to the two operating cooperatives (SIARELCO and DIELCO) in the islands. This is due to the high cost of operation in the islands.

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