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Infrastructure of the Province


The total road network in the province and city is consists of 408.921 km. of national roads, 337.913 km.of provincial roads, 30.740 km. of city roads, 411.587 km. of municipal roads, and 1,437.434 km. of barangay roads.

The national road includes 45.452 km of the Maharlika Highway, a first class standard road of concrete pavement in a good condition,- linking Surigao City to the rest of Mindanao and to the Visayas and Luzon via the ferry terminal in Lipata. Bridges along this road are of the reinforced concrete deck girder (RCDG) type. A portion of the Surigao-Davao Coastal road is unpaved with a length of 41.331 km and 298.2 linear meters of bridges are timber trestles which need improvement.

The municipalities in Siargao Island are linked by 133.259 km. of an all-weather gravel roads and 9.561 km. of concrete pavement. One hundred fifty four (154) linear meters of bridges along these roads are of timber construction and are mostly dilapidated.

In Dinagat Island, only the municipalities of Dinagat, Cagdianao and San Jose are connected by 22.7 km. of an all-weather gravel road. Tubajon and Loreto are connected by dirt road. The municipality of Libjo is linked to Tubajon and San Jose by a dirt road that is often not passable to vehicular traffic.

The 337.913 km. length of provincial road is comprised generally of gravel roads. The longest provincial road is Anao-aon - Malimono - Cantapoy with a length of 31.30 km. traversing the municipalities of San Francisco and Malimono west of Surigao City. The municipality of Tagana-an is linked to the Maharlika Highway by a 7.53 km. of provincial road. Other provincial roads are located in Siargao, Dinagat and Bucas Grande Islands. Two hundred twenty eight (228) linear meters bridges along the provincial roads are timber trestles which need replacement and improvement.

The barangay roads are generally dirt roads and in very poor condition. These roads need improvement and upgrading.


For the plan period between 1996 and 2002, the Province will focus on the concreting of the remaining unpaved roads especially the Surigao-Davao Coastal Road, Quezon - Mapawa - Capitol - Espina -Navarro road, Surigao - San Juan - Lipata Coastal Road and other secondary roads located in Dinagat and Siargao Islands for a total of 212.78 km. costing P961.624 million. These national roads will enhance the accessibility of tertiary urban centers (municipalities classified as villages) to secondary urban centers such as Dapa and San Jose (small town) and mainland municipalities to the medium town which is the city of Surigao.

To provide better access and services to remote areas, the province shall embark in the improvement and concreting of 72.70 km. of provincial/feeder roads costing P365.623 M, a total of 1,105.24 linear meter of timber bridges along national roads as well as 800.00 meters of timber bridges along provincial roads shall be converted to RCDG for a total cost of P571.572 M.

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