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Infrastructure of The Province




Presently, the province has four (4) level III water systems which serve 6,820 households. These are water districts located in Surigao City, Dapa, Placer and Bacuag. Other municipalities are being served mostly by level II and level I water systems. Remote areas especially the barangays are utilizing open wells, rivers and rain water for domestic consumption.

The level III water supply system in the City of Surigao and the municipalities of Dapa, Placer and Bacuag which are directly serving a total of 6,820 households in the urban area are inadequate to serve the projected 11,379 households by the year 2002. Hence, a continuing expansion shall be undertaken during the plan period. Likewise, the secondary urban centers such as Tubod, San Jose and Claver shall put their own water districts to effectively manage the operation and maintenance of their respective water systems.



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