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My goal is not only for Surigao del Norte
to be a satellite destination but to be one of the top
9 destinations of this country.  So let us develop  our existing assets . . . .


       The local governance under the present Provincial Administration is God-centered and pro-people. It will pursue programs to alleviate poverty and put priority attention to the improvement of delivery of basic services, upgrading of hospital and other health facilities and professionalizing its technical personnel.  It will fully promote education and work on programs to attain peace, unity and environmental integrity. The upgrade on educational standard of youth including school facilities through the help of the Local Government Units and with the support of Senator Robert Z. Barbers.

       The scholarship program for the deserving students by creating a scholarship foundation was implemented and will closely coordinate with the local school board to hire additional teachers. On the youth and sports program; the provincial government provides Sports Development Training Programs for the youth to further develop the skills of young athletes. There are exploration not exploitation of talents in the aspects of arts, such as singing, acting, dancing and etc.  All this programs enumerated under the Youth Program; are intended to keep the youth away from drugs. The Police visibility increased in the city and areas frequented by goons through the implementation of foot and mobile patrol of our police task force that ensures the safety and security of the people and foreign investors.

        The implementation of Senior Citizens Act for giving importance to the elderly and the Disabled Act fo the disabled group in the society. Livelihood programs for women sector, such as food preservation and food preparation through our cooperatives is planned.  

      The forte of the administration of Governor Robert Lyndon S. Barber is tourism. As he was said that tourism means business.  He believes in a saying that "two birds can be hit by one stone". In tourism, it can generate employment, and it can generate income, not only in Pesos but in other foreign currencies. The crisis in Mindanao is a great challege that not be the means of the downfall of Mindanao especially Surigao del Norte. Promoting the tourism by three categories: existing is to develop existing assets, emerging is to promote and market the available products, and potentials is to environmental protection. These categories makes the Surigao del Norte a potential convention in the country.        


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